Yes, I am a mess, it’s fine.

Who am I? You have probably seen me around, or found the same reflection staring back at you; the mom rocking the same outfit 3 days in a row, reheating her coffee for the 4th time, just winging it.

Who am I as an individual, well up until recently I allowed my identity to be defined by the world around me, but not anymore. I am first a child of God, but I am a homeschool mama of 3 boys, a wife to a hard working blue collar man and a coffee lover who cant decide if I am the other Gilmore Girl or if I belong on the couch in Central Perk. One thing I do know is–I was put on this earth to spread kindness and help others experience the love of Jesus.

Oh, I almost forgot, we became full time RVers in July of 2023!

Come along with me as I continue to clean up this mess.


My Mission

Society places a lot of expectations on how a mother should be, how a believer of Christ should be and how we should exist. We often get lost in that false identity, but we don’t have to stay stuck in that identity. I am here to encourage you to break free from the fake perfection social media constantly portrays, to enjoy the memories made in the midst of our own mess, and I hope to empower you to step into a journey of faith and find that strength & power that you are given by our Lord, Jesus Christ.